Conceptly: The Lord of the Rings

Conceptly- a term I made up to describe my process of doing concept art on a regular basis. Weekly or daily compared to my old monthly or yearly. This week, the theme for my concepts is The Lord of the Rings novels. Here are todays and yesterday's conceptlies, respectively:


This is Radagast's staff. Also known as the Brown Wizard. He is naturely and loves animals. I tried to reflect this in my depiction of his staff. I also tried to use contrasting colors, purple and yellow/green.

Since I only saw the movies once, and in the theater and never again, I feel I'm fairly safe from being too heavily inspired by that. Tonight's challenge was Legolas's knife, described only as a "white knife". I read a wiki article about the Tolkien elves and got my inspiration from this and this :)

Please follow me on my journey toward a career as a conceptual artist. I will post more concepts very frequently! Thank you for looking!

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