It's me... as a caricature!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to show off my latest creation, started and completed tonight. I've been massively massively inspired by the likes of Bobby Chiu and Joe Bluhm recently, and it's definately given me the inspirational lift I believe that has pushed my art to the next "level". I have to give out a special shout out to Bobby for taking the time out of his busy schedule to respond to an email I wrote. It really inspired me, and even though it wasn't a huge long email or anything, just that he responded was a great pick-me-up. Thanks so much!

I am pretty proud of how this piece turned out. It's my first completed caricature. I'd greatly appreciate any critique even though I have called it finished. I hope you all like. Thanks for looking!


1 comment:

  1. You SHOULD be proud of this as a first caricature, it's excellent.
    You seem to have a good mindset and definitely have the skills for becoming really good at's just doing it alot that makes it become instinctual. Good luck!