Moonlight Rising v 2.0

WIP again... Getting help little by little. It's a bit frustrating to post on some of these forums, asking for critique and then getting almost none. Then deciding, screw it, I'll just do up a whole piece on my own and then get critique that way- whether I like it or not. Then get a comment like "you should have posted in the WIP thread before completely finishing". So what? I can be ignored? Just a little jaded about it I suppose.

Anyhoo--- I fixed the character to be better balanced. The feet feel more firmly planted into the ground. A big problem I am experiencing now is how to proceed with coloring. I have the shadows and highlights blocked in with the background's colors. I'm just not sure how to go about shading in my white-with-blue-striped character, in order for her to match the surroundings when it comes to lighting and shade while still maintaining recognition of her markings. I just don't want a repeat of last time...

Another issue is the hair. I'm wanting it to appear as though long, soft animal fur/ hair is growing into long curly human hair. Something like this. From the viewpoint I have the character, it seems difficult to portray that.

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