Moonlight Rising...

I have the new sketch done and really enjoy the feel of it even thought I think it may be experiencing technical difficulties. Oh well, that's why I'm reworking it from scratch. I'm getting help on this one, so any comments or critiques would be great. Some of the areas I'm struggling with are the abdomen, shoulders/ neck, the boob/hip alignment and possibly a more interesting placement of the feet. I would like the really get the anatomy solid, making it look like she's kind of peering over the corner. Her body language is way too tense and angular right now.

Ok so it seems like I'm having trouble with the WHOLE sketch, but I like the overall feel and I guess that's what counts... I like the fact the piece has more of a story now. Like the character is waiting for someone, an unfortunate someone. I like the right (weapon-less hand) composition better in this piece. It's more "ready for action", instead of listlessly resting in midair.

After speaking with a friend, I realised one of my faults with the coloring on the last piece. I'm afraid to render characters with an established pattern or color a different color than they're meant to be. If I color the stripes purple, I feel people will think they're supposed to be purple, when they're actually blue, and since it's not a highly recognized character, I can't base it on people's familiarity of the character. All boiling down to the point of, i don't know how to properly handle color. I'll get more into that when I get to that stage. But I'm glad I realised that about myself artistically. No use in wanting to improve if you don't even know what your process is and what you actually have to do to improve. Face your fears, as it were.

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