The blue guy is an Andalite from Animorphs. Really was quite inspired by this drawing from Yamiza. Really talented artist she is. I was even considering opening up commissions such as she has with bust shots of characters. However, I wanted to complete a sample piece first. Which is what the Andalite was supposed to be, I guess. He's about errr, 25% done compared to what I have planned for the piece to go.

The other caricature is of my Dennis :) He's excited about my caricature and wants to see me improve so he's going to be all cute and helpful by giving me some material to work with. If you guys want a free caricature, feel free to email me. I need reference material to practice with and I can't guarentee results, but they'd be as finished at least as much as my self portrait caricature. Make sure to show some sort of extreme emotion in your picture please! Also, 3/4 view is the best for caricatures, as far as getting a more extreme exaggeration. At least this way, if I can get friends to give me some photos, if I need some from a different angle or something I can ask. Can't ask google search for a better resolution on a 200 pixel photo :) Just keep in mind these will be critiqued and I will show the reference picture in a few forums so people can critique accuracy and likeness ect. I'll keep the reference pic small though.

Alrighty, thanks as always for checking out my stuffs. Feel free to comment ;D I lerv emails, I'm like a kid on x-mas morning.

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