Alpha Mare

The alpha mare charges up and stares at you with her cold blue eyes, posing as a warning- Are you friend or foe?

Well, a piece that has been laying around as a sketch for about a year is now finished. I worked on it for about a week I guess, some 1-4 hours at a time after work. The perspective was definitely a challenge and I had a reference for the girl, but through a computer upgrade and a move across an ocean, somewhere along the lines, the pic got deleted. And damned if I could find another reference in the same position. I found a few that were close for shading.

Some things I like are the perspective. I think That it came out well. I also like the fur detailing, though I might try a different technique next time.

Some things I don't like are the color saturation. I tried to tone it down, but it's very difficult for me to master. Also the shading was pretty difficult. Especially since she is meant to be a roan coloration which means she has a light hide. I didn't portray the coloration as well as I would have liked or that I imagined.

(Don't say I didn't warn you...)
As I mentioned, she is meant to be a red or strawberry roan. I decided to go with the wall eyes because they look cool! So she's not just blue eyed because humans can be, but she's got the freaky look of a horse with ice blue wall eyes ;)

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