Silfel D&D OLD commission!

A commission started sometime in Feb of '06! I found it while cleaning files up on my computer and went ACK! I wanted to finish the illustration that was 75% completed up to my current standard, but had to stop myself, realising that... well, I didn't have the skills then as I do now, and I was paid according to my skills from (almost) 2 years ago... Nonetheless, I am pleased with the outcome, even though I wanted to do a ton more on lighting, shading, value and colour. Time waits for no one, and I felt my commissioner (who I think forgot about this piece!) had waited long enough for it to be finished. That and I have a whole laundry list of projects that need doing. Other than a sketchbook commission, I am pleased to say I believe I have caught up with all of my commissions from years past. I was a kid when I started them, and now I'm endeavoring to be more of an adult about finishing them!

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