D&D big update

Owi, a mix between being tired and sick prevented me from updating until now. I'm sure you all missed me terribly ;) I will still try to update on a more frequent basis and aim for daily, even though I am working a lot. I also have a large old commission that consists of many pictures revolving around a D&D universe that I will start working harder on completing. Here are some of my recent illustrations from that commission:

Many of these were finished in late 2007 when I suffered (and maybe still do) from big head syndrome. Hopefully I can learn from my mistakes and improve on a lot with your guys' help as well :)

Also here is a daily drawing from today:
I thought it was a funny expression. Drawn in my Moleskine- really fun and easy to whip out some interesting character designs in that thing. I'm not sure what he's gesturing toward, but he wants to know "What's this?"

Thanks all for checking out my work.

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