CSoHK...aD™ Week 1, Day 1

I'm afraid Mondays are always going to be boring for the Char School. All I have assigned for myself is to read some chapters. Generally I'd like to read all of the chapter on Monday, but the final deadline for chapter reading is to get it done before the following Monday. Today I had 3 chapters assigned and I read 2. Summery:

Chapter 1: Intro to Character Design

A. Know what you are drawing

1. Character Design has limitations and Issues
a. How will the character be used?
b. Will it be a main character, background, static, animated?

2. How will the Character be displayed?
a. Will the character be printed, in a video game, on a TV, or a PSP?
3. How Close or Distant to the Camera will the character be?
4. How big or Small is the Character relative to other Characters?
a. Are we drawing a bug or an elephant?
5. How many angles will the character be viewed from?
a. 2D or 3D for the end product?
6. Will the character be moving?
7. Will you be able to see the character's facial expressions?
a. Will the character be speaking?
8. Who is your target audience?
9. Will the end character be polygonal or single mesh?
a. Will you need to design joints?
10. Do you need to remember this (actually a section in the book!)
a. YES! These questions and more need to be figured out BEFORE character design can take place.

Chapter 2: Developing a working method

1. Need for a methodical and Successful way of working

A. Identifying and Understanding the problem
1. Don't rush head first into the art
2. Client and artist must have a firm grasp of the character concept
3. The artist needs to know what is being asked both visually and technically
4. Ensure ambiguous words such as "big" is thoroughly explained and understood between client and artist

B. Analyzing the problem and breaking it down
1. Coming up with ideas to solve the problem.
C. Choosing the Best Idea
1. Allow others to critique your work objectively to ensure it meets the goal what the client wants of the character
D. Drawing the Character
E. Evaluating the Results
1. Success or Failure to be had.

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