CSoHK...aD™ Week 1, Day 3

Hey guys,

Assignment: Drawing fundamentals- Shading exercise (create a sense of lighting in a line drawing)

Tonight's assignment was to do a greyscale picture. My thoughts on it was to get a piece of lineart that intrigues me then just greyscale shade it. Here is my grading criteria (I am saving it for the end of the week, probably Friday, then self grading):

- Is a good value range shown on this painting?
- Does it display correct and consistent lighting?
- Um, I dunno past that :)

Anyway, onto the artwork:

No filters, blending tools or other "helpers" used in making this piece. Full credit to the awesome Mark Brooks for the linework. I DID NOT DRAW THE LINEWORK!!! Just thought I'd put that out there. I just used this linework for colouring practice :)

That's it for tonight!

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