CSoHK...aD™ Week 1, Day 4

Hello People!

I could really always use you guys' opinions, remarks, whatever. I really don't need people to give a 4 paragraph analysis of my work- it's totally cool to just let me know your initial impression, if you like it or even if you think it's dumb, or that the design doesn't work. Ever wanted to be brutally honest but were just too shy? Trust me, if you say something about my art- you CANNOT offend me. I even insist that you try! As long as you are giving your honest opinion, you won't bother me! Besides, if you feel that way looking at my art, maybe an art director feels the same!

My assignment: Concept Art- create 3 different Character concepts (prompt: lithe, feminine, masculine)

For grading:
- Do these assignments constitute as Character Design (do you have an expectation of the character, does it elicit an emotional response)?
- Are any of the above methods (in Chapter 3) for designing the character being used?
- Do these designs break the mould or stretch the comfort level of the artist (me), given what you know of the artist's previous work?

Prompt: Feminine
Time: Took about 2 hours- Really need to hurry on something for this quality level!

Prompt: Masculine
Time: About 30 minutes. Yeah, not much for 30 minutes, but I really wanted to hurry after taking so long on the last one.

Prompt: Lithe
Time: About 45 minutes, I thought I should try to polish this one up a little better than the last one. Some alien dog thingy.

I'm still not sure what all counts as "concept art" or a "sketch" or if they are the same... No idea... I guess that might be an important difference to work out eh? Given my career choice and all....

Well, I did much better on time than last night, which was definitely a late nighter. Listening to Bobby Chiu always helps me to push past my weak feelings of wanting to take a nap or go to a friend's house and hang out "just for tonight".

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