CSoHK...aD™ Week 2, Day 6

Character Design- read chapter 4 in Digital Character Design and Painting (Making the Character Real by Creating a Character History)

A. Creating the Character's History
1. History will help the character design by explaining attributes of the character.
B. The Character's Past, Present and Future
1. These elements are important for understanding the reasons behind the character's actions, and looks as well.
C. The Character's Everyday Environment
1. Where is the character from?
2. Where does the character live now?

a. space?
b. aquatic?
c. subterranean?
d. airborne?
e. surface dweller?
f. exotic environment?

D. The character's Personality
1. What is the personality of your character?
2. Name?
3. Family tree?
4. Legend or myth based?
5. Original or another's character?
6. How was it born?
7. What does it look like?
8. Good/bad family life?
9. Educated? Illiterate?
10. Living conditions?
11. Job, trade, skill?
12. Financial status?
13. Fav foods?
14. Hobbies?
E. The Character's Personality Traits
1. Angry/nice?
2. Shy/bold?
3. Greedy/generous?
4. Sneaky/gullible?
5. Superstitious?
6. Romantic?
7. Phobias?
8. Triumphs/failings?
9. Politics/religion?
10. Rich/poor?
11. Superpowers?
12. Daily life?
F. The Character's Look
1. Technically Advanced?
2. Defensive/ Offensive capabilities?
3. Clothing, armour, costume?
4. Stylish?
5. What are the audience's expectations of the character?

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