CSoHK...aD™ Week 3, Day 12

Concept Art- create 3 different Prop concepts (prompt: dining table, computer desk, sofa)

- How accurately does the item portray a real life counterpart?
- Is there a sense of style or flow within the piece?
- What qualities does the item appear to posses? (wood, glass, ect) Can you tell?


Tables- The top sketched from memory, the bottom from a small ref photo.

Full view on all of these is the actual drawing size... I copied this one from a photo... Looked cooler in the photo...

A little bit of improvement. The square shapes weren't as unwieldy to do.

Tried a bit of a fun, funky style with the bottom sofa.  Not sure if I really succeeded.  Not sure how to do really different "angles" of props.  I might save that exercise for when I am working on characters again.

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