CSoHK...aD™ Week 1, Day 2

Hey guys,

I read chapter 3 tonight. Here is a summary:

1. Chapter 3: Expanding on your ideas when creating the character

A. Basic Strategies to Help Generate Creative Ideas
1. Relax
a. Take a walk
b. Observe people closely
c. Brainstorm with others

2. Locate Reference Materials
3.Using Word Play
a. Write various words down related to the subject at hand and try to generate new ideas
4. Fantasize about the Character
a. Imagine new and interesting ways the character could react or behave
5. Using Symbolism with the Character
a. Use classical or modern symbolism helps people identify with the character
6. Building Characters around a Myth
7. Snowballing
a. Take an idea and run with it!
8. Visit places for Inspiration

B. Developing the Basic Idea
1. Use caricature
a. Look for the essence of the subject through caricature
2. Using Humour
3. Using Blotter Pictures
4. Using Exaggeration
5. Satire
6. Parody
7. Expression Exercises
8. 5 Dot exercises
a. Have some one draw 5 dots on a page, then make a character using each of the dots for hands, feet and a head
9. Other Techniques
a. Idealise the character
b. Add and subtract from the character
c. Repetition
d. Combination
e. Characteristics
f. Superimposing
g. Scale changing
h Superimposing
i. Distorting
j. Disguise
k. Analogy
l. Hybrid
m. Evolving the character
n. Metamorphosis and Mutation
o. Metaphors
p. Visual puns
q. Doodling and Scribbling- NO erasing!
r. Transformation. ordinary into Strange, ect
s. Mimicry

Tonight's Assignment: Create 3 different Character concepts (prompt: big, hairy, scaly)

I invite anyone to "grade" my assignments at any time. Don't feel compelled to by any means, but if you'd like to, I welcome the feedback!

The thoughts I had on grading for this assignment were these:
- Do these assignments constitute as Character Design (do you have an expectation of the character, does it elicit an emotional response)?
- Are any of the above methods (in Chapter 3) for designing the character being used?
- Do these designs break the mould or stretch the comfort level of the artist (me), given what you know of the artist's previous work?

The Assignments

Prompt: Big

Prompt: Hairy

Prompt: Scaly

WHEW! I need to work on these sooner in the evening...

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