I really don't have a good reason for not updating my blogger account other than I've been distracted and busy...

But that sounds rather lame, so onto the art!

This was done as a warm up sketch, actually inspired by some Prince of Persia concepts, but I wanted to do something different with the subject matter.

This is a friend's character Sasha, just a sketch using a model from posemaniacs.com. Totally awesome site, I encourage any artist to check it out.

This is my entry for the contest 2D Magazine is doing on Conceptart.org. The theme was "Scarecrow". It'll be fun to see if I get a 1st-6th place :) Check out my progress shots at the forum!

A Daily Sketch Group sketch for the subject entitled: BLEACHED-SKINNED, FLESHY QUADROPED W/ GHOULISH, SKULL-LIKE, FACE Was going for scary, but as always, I CANNOT DO SCARY ;_;

This was meant to be for the Daily Sketch Group challenge: DO 5 THUMBNAIL DRAWINGS OF A SINGLE CHARACTER IN VARIOUS POSES ... but apparently I can neither count, nor read and decided to just draw a guy with 3 different outfits on. I was inspired by watching some outfit designs in-progress at work, but was gently reminded that in the world of concpet art, for such generic suit designs, they'd just google photos. Apparently, they hire concept artists to be "creative" or something. Ha, the more you know, right?

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