Dominance War Entry

Sorry I haven't updated in forever. I have been drawing a lot (and I mean- A LOT!), but I'm afraid I don't have much other than a lot of works in progress to show for it. It's just not as satisfying to update with a WIP than a full fledged piece.

This is the start of my entry into the Dominance War Challenge that I won't be able to finish, lack of time. I started on mine too late because I was really stumped on what to draw up until this week and it took me the whole week to finish this guy! I learned a lot with this piece though and I think it turned out pretty well. Mad props to Mr. Jack on Deviantart for making this tutorial, which helped me a whole lot. I hope to do more pieces in that style, as it's the next "level" I'd like to achieve in my art!

Hope you like- feel free to share your thoughts on this piece!


  1. Char! I didn't know you were doing an entry for the Dominance War. I usually join in on the 3D competition, but I didn't this year. Awesome entry! :D

  2. Oh thanks! I didn't get very far this year, maybe next year I can get started a bit earlier :)