Freelance Tip from a Beginner

Timesaving Tip: If something works, just use it. Don't waste time looking for alternatives. Google Calendar is a great app & free!

I have spent more time than I care to admit some days just trying to find the "perfect" application or software that will do what I want it to- when I already have a sufficient piece of software that's already set up and I'm using. Most noteably was my recent obsession with finding good "time tracking" software. I wanted a planner and a to do list and a record of my actions all rolled up into one. I had one. Google Calendar. Except that I wanted a cooler looking one, one that did more customization. Why? I dunno, just because.

Well, like I said, I spent quite a bit of time on that and what am I using now? Google Calendar. Sometimes those blog posts you read are great for finding apps you never know you needed (like when I found The Unarchiver for the Mac- works great and it's free!), but other times you get obsessed with finding the next cool gadget or even worse, wasting money on a paid product when the free version is just as good. I've done that a couple of times... And I STILL don't have a program that can properly edit video!

All in all, managing your time as a freelancer is important. You can start by using some free tools at your disposal. The freest of them all is changing your mindset. A good read is this time management manifesto by Dave from Rock Your Day. It's 40 pages packed with information about how to help yourself not only get on the ball, but help it get rolling too!

Hopefully after you've wasted your time reading this, you get to organising your day tomorrow with Google Calendar and reading More Time NOW before bed tonight!

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