New Direction

Ever had one of those "revelations"? Usually when you're doing something really mundane like brushing your teeth, taking a shower or doing the dishes?

Well, today I realised the new direction I wanted to take this blog. I had been contemplating changing the direction (and resurrecting) my blog, Colourisma. Now I realised that I can do what I had been wanting to do with Colourisma HERE. On my free blogger account.

Crazy how that works.

Well, I thought instead of posting up new art when ever I get around to remembering to add it to my blog, I would start chronicling my life as a wanna-be freelance/ concept artist. My journey. My ups and downs. What I'm trying to do to really *make it*. Because let me tell you, I am starting at ROCK BOTTOM, and I mean rock bottom. So far 99% of my commissions have come from close, personal friends and my mom is my biggest fan and thinks that I don't have a job yet because everyone else is stupid. At least I have one supporter, right?

I have two paper publications to speak of. My paid publication being for my entries in Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium. My second to Prehistoric Times, a non-paid gig I did to try to get some exposure. I can't say I've gotten a single email inquiring about further business from those two far spaced publications, but I will say I am happy at least I've made it as far as I have.

I hope to update as frequently as I do my art or when I have cool (or not so cool news) to share with you all- that's right, all one of you! My goal in the next month or two is to drastically improve my art and I generally draw for a solid 4-6 hours a day. Since I quit my full time job in Norway and moved back in with my parents to try to realise my dream of being a professional full time artist, I don't think 4-6 hours a day is really cutting it. I've been telling myself it's time to get serious for a while and I know I can do it if I have people peering over my shoulder, hawking and pestering me :)

If you care to add me on a social networking site, I mostly use Twitter! Feel free to add me, especially if you are an artist to who tweets about their art! I also use Livestream and Ustream (I haven't decided which one I like better yet) and I stream pretty regularly. Please drop in and say hello, it encourages me so much to continue on and keep working if I know people care enough to pop in and say hi!

Next will be an art dump, just to get everyone to speed with my current projects. Well, thanks for reading!

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