Andalite Central!

Any one whose anyone (or who was an American teen in the 90's) knows about Animorphs! I own an Animorphs community on DeviantArt where I am slowly, slowly, edging toward making an Animorphs graphic novel. In order to help promote my work on the site, I offered a free kiriban (picture for a goal? not sure what it means exactly- it's Japanese) for the person who caught a screenshot of the 1,000th pageview. (Hmm... maybe I should do something similar here?)

Chili19 ended up doing so and wanted a picture of a female Andalite, an alien from the series, all decked out in Indian gear. Hopefully I understood the right kind of Indian- haha! Oh well, I think the piece turned out pretty well regardless. I took a lot of direction from an entry on's C.O.W. weekly challenge. I just love how the lighting was done on this piece, it's something I'd love to learn how to emulate in my own work. I don't think I quite got there in this piece, but I'll keep trying.

Anyway- hope you like!

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