I figured you people didn't just go to my blog for all of my delightful insights ;)

Here's a piece I did for the Vampire ArtOrder Challenge-

Cropped Entry Edition/ Full Detailed Edition

It didn't win or place, but of course I learned from it for next time!

Next is a piece I did for another ArtOrder challenge- this time an Earthquake Dragon.

It didn't win either, but at least I got a helpful critique from Lars Grant-West:

"I like the use of the limited palette very much. Remember to think about overall composition as you're working through a job like this. The standing pose and the shape on the bottom makes it feel a little like this guy just stepped on a sea urchin. A pose on all fours might have pushed the sense of a massive creature more directly."

Heh, the 'sea urchin' was meant to indicate the beginning tremours of a shockwave... I guess it didn't read as well in the end as I thought. At least I got some exposure!

I'll be gearing up for the next two big contests now- the Flaming Coward and Owlbear revisited. They have good, evenly spaced deadlines and sound like a lot of fun. I used to draw half and half animals all the time, trying to blend them together so you always had a bit of a question as to what kind of mix it was.

Is anyone else planning to try one of these challenges?

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