Bad Sabrecat! (And Done!)

This is the finished version of my piece, I'm still open to any critique people may have for it!

I think it has that candid camera feel to it, which was definitely a goal of mine.

Hope you like!

...Now onto the next piece!


  1. You progress very rapidly and it's fun to see your development. What I feel you can improve the most right now is your values. Most of the time a picture doesn't contain whitest white and the darkest black in equal amounts. Even in sunlight when the contrast is the highest, the whitest white is reserved for the tiniest highlights. I believe that values outweights color and is a useful tool for many pictoral effects like focal point, emotional impact (putting dark background with light foreground or vice versa). This image for example, the dog has the same amount of white all over his/her body even though only a small fragment actually face the light :)

    Anyyywaaay.. Love your blog, keep cracking!!

  2. Hey Björn! Thanks for the comment :) I get that comment about the tones in my work all the time and it's something I will start making a conscience effort to improve on. The sabrecat was the only one I didn't have direct reference for, so I had to guess on the lighting. I think my lighting can definitely use some toning down on the contrast meter ;)

    I think this stems from about a year ago where everyone said my tones were too similar and muddy, so I tended to amp it WAY up to compensate. Got to find that middle ground!