Bad Sabrecat!

"Berry! NO! Bad girl!"

A made up scene from my Sabrecat world. The main sabre tooth cat, Berry, getting into trouble. I went for a "just snapped a pic caught in the act" (with the flash on) type of look with the piece, hence all the washed out whites and heavy shadows.

I'm working on the colour version now. It's been fun working in this process, rather new for me. I took a picture of the kitchen in the angle I wanted then superimposed a tiger with the rough proportions, then painted over all of it. It made for a bit of an easier process for the background than I'm used to. I'm not so great with backgrounds at all...

I think I'm going to explore into what it would be like if fantasy creatures lived among us in the real world, as opposed to in futuristic or in medieval times. I think there's a lot to explore there and I haven't seen too many people broach the topic :)

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