Blackened Environmental Concept

Thought I wasn't going to post, eh? Well, I stayed up late. I don't consider it "tomorrow" until I go to sleep. So it's still Weds in my book! I'll claim it's still Weds somewhere in the world- there! That's my excuse!

But anyhow... This is a concept I'm working on for an mod community I'm a concept artist for. It's just for practice, don't get too excited ;) But since it's all just for practice, my payment is there is no penalty to showing my work for the project.

Blackened is a post apocalyptic world where humanity is in a losing battle against soul sucking aliens. It's a mod to the Unreal engine. Right now I'm in charge of backgrounds. With a lot of help, I've managed to get the diagram looking thingy you see up there. Now I'll be methodically making it all look like crap ;) Adding textures, tones and lighting to the piece until it resembles a torn up post apocalyptic scene.

It's taken me 2 weeks to get to this point. I'll say it's quite the learning process. The slow, arduous, tedious, exhausting... learning process. Haha, it's not so bad. At least now's the fun part- making it dirty!

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