Flaming Coward

A far cry from it's proud and noble griffon ancestory, the creature now known as the Flaming Coward is quite the sad, pathetic beast.

The flaming coward slinks along the ground of the UnderDark with only it's little tail tip for a source of light.

Clever, but extremely cowardly, the creature stalks it's favourite prey, the Drow, along the walls, cracks and crevices until the Drow is otherwise distracted with a formidable foe. Only when the flaming coward sees that the Drow is about to lose the battle, it will it attack with it's large beak. If the coward misjudged and the Drow fights back, the coward will ignite itself and the surrounding area in order for it to escape, noticeably singed and charred.

This one was done for the ArtOrder Challenge, Flaming Coward. Next up- the OwlBear Challenge!

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