Arcanoloths are a species from D&D, a humanoid with a coyote/jackal-like face.

I drew this for a friend of mine Todd Stewart as a thank you for grabbing a business card for me from GenCon. This is one of his characters from his long standing Planescape game, the infamous Shemeska.

I used my new favourite technique with the canvas layer with multiply and screen layers over top to let the textures show through the painting. I used a runway model for reference, as the emotion and attitude just fit the character so well.

I don't have shout outs to give for any new followers, but I would like to say I am attaining world domination! I use Google Analytics to track where visits to my blog come from. It's so interesting to see which new places will pop up next. I have a couple of page views from Norway, to the Philippines, to Argentina and Brazil now! Thanks guys all over for checking out my blog ;)

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