Wow, what a learning experience!

I just got finished with the GETTING FREELANCE, JOBS, PRICING, PROMOTING and MAKING IT BIG *LIVE BROADCAST from, hosted by Jason Manley.

My head is now swimming with ideas on marketing myself to the RIGHT people and how to go about doing so! I am so pleased and feel that my $95 was well spent on the lecture. Also it makes me feel good to know that money is going toward making ConceptArt more awesome.

Tonight I'll be writing up a plan for myself with a daily schedule- since I'm doing this freelance thing full time. I need to spend some serious thought as to exactly what it is I want to do as a freelance artist. Freelance artist is too broad of a term- freelance fantasy artist? Sci-fi? Children's books? I need to decide and target my efforts to those areas. Then I'll research some companies in those fields. Then I'll go to the company websites and see who works there. Then I'll look them up on the various social networking sites. THEN I will look into contacting them personally and showing them what I've got to offer- on top of elaborating my portfolio to my target audience.

Just in this short time I have taken to write this post, my natural inclination is to focus on my fantasy work. It dominates my portfolio and makes me the most happy when I work on it. Now which fantasy industry to concentrate on? There's books, games, RPG's (both table top and video game), ect... Some of these choices are more easily accommodated into the life of a freelancer.

So I definitely feel I have enough information to really take charge and get started on my career. I'll be sure to update everyone on my process along the way!

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