Back on the horse...

Last week was a bit of a "bad art week" for me. I managed to get a bit of figure drawing done but little else. I was just really discouraged from the lack of success from freelancing when I felt I was working so hard toward it and sent out so many leads to good companies and still haven't heard back from any of them. I always, always, always feel dumb afterward for feeling that way, but I learned sometimes you just need to let it out and take the time off. I decided to rest up even though by Sunday night I was ready to start arting again. I decided to wait until Monday just because I knew I'd be chomping at the bit.

Monday I spent a good 2 hours researching companies and sending off some more artist submissions. I got a potential job out of it! I don't want to get too into it, but I'm really excited! I'm working in real media, which is a bit different than digital. I've determined that I just don't like it as much as I used to, it's messy, there is so much of it everywhere all over the place, no matter how neat you try to make it. I'm a digital junkie, so I'll just have to deal with it :) If I can show off what I've been working on in the future, I will.

I've got so many contests and other assorted things I'm working on right now, it's crazy. I have a contest I'm doing for, the theme is Her Majesty:

I'm still working on the project that I showed last week. I got in the funk, so I don't have any more progress to show. I got a great redline though! So that made me happy and I spent some time studying it :)

I also have a small commission from a friend I'm working on. I'll show it once I'm done.

The crazy part of all this is that all of these things are due this Thursday/Friday. So... I'll be getting back to work now. Thanks for bearing with me and not running away because I didn't update for a couple of days :) <3 you readers!

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