Figure Drawings- Day 2

Figure drawings from yesterday. I need to work on speed on these, a lot of times I ran out of time, I spent too much effort trying to get details in when these are about gesture drawing. Need to do circle, spine, limbs- I think it's the fastest way.

This one I'm doing for a contest that is due in about 8-9 days. Not very long, but I'm wanting to make this the best piece I've ever done (like with all my new pieces). The main theme is "Celebration". I went for the basic premise that 2 evil overlords are making something (city, town, country?) in the background explode (mushroom cloud). I didn't know what cool/special/unique thing I wanted the main characters to have, so after some debate on doing weird hairstyles, making them demons, adding fantasy elements- I decided to go with steam punk. 1) I've never done anything steam punk 2) While I'm not a super steam punk nerd, I do think it's pretty cool :D

I have them floating above the mess in some kind of floating machine, not sure what it'll look like yet, but I'll probably have some straps or cords around the characters.

So my question is can anyone do a paintover, redline or suggest anything to change, fix or modify?

Whatcha think?

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