Figure Drawings- First Day

Scary stuff!

This is my first day of doing figure drawings, curtsey of Thirty Second Drawings over on I had seen the site before, but it wasn't until Dev Rana showed me it again that I decided to give it a go. He kind of popped up out of the blue, gave me some good art tips via IM, then scuttled away. Anyhow- thanks man!

The first one I decided to try with advanced mode on. Advanced mode is super crazy. It flips the characters in all sorts of ways, sideways, upsidedown... It really is advanced. I kept that off for the next two. After doing this, it really made me appreciate, even more than I already did, how awesome this guy is:

Wow, huh?

Give it a try! I really hope I improve. Everyone has been telling me the main thing I need to work on now is anatomy, so... yeah! Hopefully this helps!

PS- Want to give a shout out to Katrine Hagmann for following my blog- thanks a lot! It's appreciated :D

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