CHOW#175 Challenge: Theme Music

Getting back on this art horse.  Been off it too long between travelling and getting sick for a week due to travelling.  My blog has totally taken a hit in my absence and it's kind of scary how fast your online presence dries up if you aren't CONSTANTLY on top of it.  Maybe it's easier if you have this huge fan base, but if not, you are nothin' but an eyeblink...

Can't let that happen so I'm back in art OVERDRIVE!  I can't wait to share my next project.  It requires a vote if I get accepted, so I will need YOUR help!  (I'm excited, you can tell by the amount of CAPS I am using!)  This current piece is for the CHOW art challenge on where you listen to some music and design a character around it and have the music being their theme song.  Cool, eh?

Thanks for looking guys!

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