Hork Bajir Concept

Hork Bajir.  Walking salad shooter from Hell… Whatever Marco wants to call them, they are creatures you probably don’t want to mess with.  Seasoned Animorph fans will know if this specimen is a male or a female.  I’ll leave some elements of the comic a mystery if you don’t know ;)

Fleshing out some character and alien designs.  Still some kinks to work out with the Andalites, but I’m pretty happy how this Hork Bajir turned out!  What do you think?

Animorphs: A Graphic Novel

PS- Sorry about the double posting yesterday.  I use Posterous and it doesn't yet have some features I'd like it to.  Also Posterous posts to all these sites via email and if I forget to add an attachment, the post gets a bit screwed up.  Lesson being- double check!

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