Schoolism Pose Assignment Sketches!

I have to say I had a lot of fun with this assignment.  I feel like I could finally add a lot of personality to the characters I designed before and I could explore their personalities. 

I did 3 "everyday" poses in the top row, 3 extreme poses on the bottom row and off to the right I added the character interaction pose.  I chose 3 everyday poses that harnessed the personalities of the characters and had them doing something that they would do every day.  The shaman is kneeling and performing magic, CrabMan is feeling loads of self doubt and sorry for himself and Lassie is doing a work out.  For the extreme poses, I wanted to interject a bit more story into each sketch.  For Lassie, I have her running upset to the edge of a ship, the Shaman is preparing for an eminent battle and the CrabMan is exploring some underwater depths.  For the interactive pose, I decided to bring out a character Ive had designed for a long time, Lassie s pet Sabrecat named Berry.  In her world, sabertoothed tigers grew up with humans in place of dogs and Lassie and Berry have a lot of adventures together.  Lassie has tripped while mountain climbing and fortunately Berry is there to help save her.

I tried to do poses more heavy in perspective in order to push myself.  I think there might be some technical flaws in the anatomy, but overall I'm happy with how this assignment turned out. 

Look forward to hearing my teacher Cheek's review!

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