Still keeping those resolutions?

Everybody makes them or vows not to make them just because- but the thing is, how many people keep them?

These are my resolutions and what I'm still doing to keep them from falling to the wayside:

• Played Wii Fit for a week in a row now (well, 8 days technically). Compared to my regular work out regime of doing nothing, this is something to celebrate! I have a goal of 20 pounds to lose by spring, getting me down to my ideal BMI and weight.

• Trying hard to get to sleep at a decent hour. Those of you with iPhones might want to check out the Sleep Cycle app. It's .99 USD and well worth the cost. It's an alarm that monitors your sleep patterns throughout the night and wakes you up at the most ideal time for you to wake up- at the end of your lightest sleep cycle! It really works, but I just have to relax and sleep through the night without worrying about it going off- it won't!

• Drawing everyday with the Crimson Daggers. I can't believe the group has been going along for 3 months already! And how many drawings have I done with them? Next to nothing- how awful! Well, that's about to change. I've adjusted my schedule to allow for me to make sure I follow along. With the Sleep Cycle app, it works really well! (Well- and coffee! Not gunna lie!) Today I worked on the little Caribbean girl's portrait I found online. As you can see, the similarity is lost a little, but I was heavily concentrating on using the oil paint tools in ArtRage 3!


Just 3 simple things, but it's always those things that people resolve to change about themselves every year and never do: lose weight, sleep better and be more productive! I'm changing by changing my whole life style. We'll see how that works!

Thanks for reading :)

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