Beast & Beauty- Finished

I have gotten multiple opinions as to if people liked the green or red version better, so I added a green texture overtop the red one and it added a depth that I think really contributes to the feel of the piece.  

Of course, props to Julie Dillon for the original sketch!  Thanks for allowing me to experiment with this piece, I learned a lot!

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  1. Hey Char,

    Really nice rendition, this. Some great textures in there as well.


  2. Thanks Biggles! I'm glad you like how it turned out :D It was a lot of fun to work on

  3. I really like the texture you've added to this and the red with reflected green light. There's a warmth and tenderness that really makes it something special. Props to you and Julie both!

  4. Thanks for commenting Angela! I appreciate your input and I'm happy that you enjoyed the outcome. It really was a fun experiment with colour!

  5. It reminds me of a sunset, a full moon, and happiness all at the same time, and that's a powerful thing.