Drifting Forest Grazer

The current Creature Planet challenge is Drifting Forest Grazer.  The definition is pretty general, so the first designs were more deer like, then I thought about going more reptilian, then I saw a picture of an elephant and decided to go big, then I re-read the prompt and realised I missed the "drifting" aspect of the creature in the previous designs. 

So I saw a picture of a baby Wombat and decided to do a shorter, squattier version of the previous creature designs with an interesting ability that when startled, it jumps straight up while pulling each leg outward stretching it's pockets of skin on it's sides, giving it the ability to either jump into a tree or glide away unharmed. 

I do like the version with the prehensile lips to the right of the image though.  I think the little wombat-inspired guy has everything the prompt requires though so I will go with him :)

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  1. I do like the one that is more bison-like near your signature, looks the most hebiverous to me.

  2. Rowena- Yeah, I like him a lot... but other than his migration patterns, I'm not sure how I'd be able to qualify the "drifting" aspect of his name. I might have to play einy mieny miney moe to pick which one to finalise ;)