Character Portraits!

One assignment for my portfolio done!  Now just a few more :D  

There's a shaman, a Shetland werepony, an orc enchantress and a piratess.  I experimented with different levels if finish and styles.  I'll upload individual portraits so you can see the detail soon! :)

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  1. Hey Char, these characters all have great poses and are good designs, but I'd go over them one more time. Add another wave of detail, that red guy is screaming for some more highlights on his face and upper body.
    My favourite is the bald woman, but she looks like the least finished of the bunch.. so hey, what do I know! :D

  2. They look good!!! I really like the horse!

  3. Awesome Char your getting better at this. You really put a lot of character into these pieces which I think is great. Like Purdy said those poses are great and the overall designs. I actually dig the pirate chick on the right. See we all have different opinions hehe :)

  4. Purdy- Thanks for the tips! Yeah, this one was kinda rushed, so I was trying different levels of finish to see if I could still pull it off. I'm going to wait to see what my teacher says about it and then take your and his advice and combine them to polish these bad boys (and girls) to a higher level :)

    Nancy- Thanks! The werepony seems to be a favourite ;)

    Trashy- Thanks! I'm going to wait until I receive my final critique, then render these characters out a little more. ;D