Comic Sequential Portfolio Assignment

This piece was probably the most out of my comfort zone that I did for my portfolio assignment.  I'm not used to or feel that I'm that great at drawing comics in sequential form.  I greatly admire people that can!  Alex Ross, Joseph Michael Linsner, Tim Sale? How do you do it???

Just a synopsis of what's going on: Catwoman robbed a jewelry store and as she thinks she's getting away, Batman catches her redhanded, all she can do is smile slyly and hide the bag behind her back.

(Sorry for the watermark, I don't usually use them, but there isn't an easy way to sign the the piece.)

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  1. What portfolio class are you doing? Schoolism? If so, do you like it? I'm thinking of joining the Character design class from Stephen Silver.

  2. Nancy- I just finished the Portfolio Workshop with Cheeks. I recommend it!

    Even though I recommend the course, I think it depends on how you learn the best. I'd like to take other courses, but I realised with the class I took, I learn best with less of a "student/teacher" approach as to a peer to peer critique because I feel like I have more to prove to my peers. (Also the peer to peer critique is cheaper! haha...) I think if you learn well in a school-like environment and want to absorb a lot of info quickly, then Schoolism is a great way to go :)

  3. scale and focus.

    (Nice work BTW)

    Most choice pages are an excellent use of size scale and direction to convey an event.

    Most of the modern eddgy guys like to put the primary focus on about 90% of the page as one big picture then place the story fillers around it.

  4. OneAndZero - Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to keep that in mind for my next panel attempt :)