Donation = Creation: Shaded

I plan on Ustreaming every morning at 10am EST, so feel free to tune in, I like to talk as long as I'm actually having someone respond... ;)  I have 2 more words to draw so far, that'll get me through the next couple mornings, if you'd like to suggest a word, check out my blog!

And the art, thanks to S. Griffin for the word: Shaded

PS... Wow, my computer fans are loud! You may want to mute or seriously lower the volume.  I didn't talk much anyway as I wasn't sure if the sound was recording properly and no one in the chat would let me know.  I do thank the 2 random strangers that stayed with me the whole time :D  It made me feel better about recording.  ^^  I have a 1st gen unibody Macbook and when I open Photoshop, it wants to turn into a jet engine and fly away.  I'll see if I can get something to cool it down, I already have it propped up at an angle away from the desk.  Maybe that's just made it louder, dunno.  

If anyone has any good (under $20-preferably!) solutions to cool down a wannabe jet engine Macbook, feel free to let me know!

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