Greek Statue Progress

I decided to try rendering in tones to be able to study this figure, I find it a little easier than working in line.

I'm going to try to study some of George Bridgeman's work soon.  It's been recommended to me and looking at it quickly on Google, it looks like I could learn a lot from it :)

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  1. This may be an idea, i have sketched mine in pencil but have and am considering rendering in charcoal. Have you taken Life Drawing classes?

  2. I haven't taken life drawing classes. I'd like to, but I'm waiting to go for when I get more settled. As it is now, I move from the US to Norway every 3-6 months, so a lot of things are on hold for me at the moment!

    I study where I can, mostly online. I've been considering drawing from the TV as I watch :)

  3. I highly recommend them. Last year i took classes, we studied different models each week 2 minute warm ups, 20 minute studies, finishing with a 40 minute study, really helps to train your eye and work fast. I would like to take them up again when i have time. TV is a good idea, and how about doing what i am trying Coffee shop studies, buy yourself a coffee sit with a pad and sketch the people as they come and go, again good for speed as you have to concentrate more on the bigger shapes than on detail.:)

  4. I'll probably do more studies when I'm back in Oslo. :)

    There aren't too many coffee shops within a 15 minute drive from where I live right now XD