Greek Statue-Redo

I wanted to take my time on this study this go around.  I'll be building up from here and working on this same piece for a few days.  I wanted to stop myself before I got to far into it and obsessed with rendering before I had the initial structure right.  

I keep experimenting with different techniques of how to sketch.  Today I went for the more oval method.  I dunno if I managed to get accurate proportions from that method, unfortunately.  I feel that the anatomy may have been wonky on the piece from yesterday, but the proportions were more sound than today's study.  I know the left foot isn't sitting in the right spot, I can see it pushes out from the body, but I can't seem to extend the leg back far enough and still maintain proper proportions.  

I will get this statue studied even if it's the last thing I do! :)

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  1. I am pretty much doing the same thing as you at the moment, trying different ways to tackle anatomy. The Oval method seems to be working more for me.
    Maybe i should have a go at this statue and see how i get on.
    Good luck with it.

  2. The Oval Method works well for me when the figure is more straight on or in a standing or basic sitting pose. I may have to just keep trying at it, but it's harder for me to get the oval method to work on odder poses like this statue. It's definitely a great challenge! Thanks for commenting, I'd like to see your studies too :D

  3. Try looking at George Bridgemans techniques on anatomy. I've often found them to be very useful. Essentially drawing the major masses that can be simplified into a series of overlapping blocks and spheres.

  4. Great suggestion Eric! :D George Bridgeman's style looks really awesome, I'll give it a shot today for my study.

  5. Yes i would like to share my studies with you and i am giving this statue a go myself. :)
    Just wondering have you been drawing it digitally?
    I will post my effort from my sketch book in the next few days on my blog:
    Oh and please keep at this i would like to see this finished, but having a break is definitely a good idea, come back to it with fresh eyes. :)

  6. Yeah, all of my artwork is digital nowadays. I don't have the materials to really draw traditionally because I move too much. Maybe someday!

  7. I ask for this reason: I have found that when i try anatomy studies digitally either in Photoshop or Painter i loose a connection and flow with the study. But when i try it with a pencil, charcoal, pastel or pen and paper i find my study flows more.

  8. Yeah, I was thinking of doing tv studies with a pencil and paper. Even if I don't post them online (I don't have a scanner available), it'll help for gestural studies :)