Greek Study WIP and Massively Inspirational Interview

Getting this guy studied...  

I am listening to the Crimson Dagger's interview with Brad Rigney while I work today.  It's inspired me so much to keep doing what I'm doing.  If you are serious about being a professional artist- LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW.  Don't complain that it's 2 1/2 hours long, you should be drawing while you're listening anyway.  

The things I learned from it:

• Yes, there are kids who are younger than me that are better than me, but it doesn't matter.  I am still ahead of the curve of all the people who aren't living their dreams right now and who aren't working 110% at their craft.

• Brad Rigney's 40, I'm 25.  He got the clients I'd love to work for only 2 years ago.  I'm not too old.  You're NEVER too old.

• I'm doing the right thing.  It really does just take time.  I just can't give up.  Not ever.  

• It'll happen.  I'll get what I want.  The only one who can stop me is me.

I hope you guys listen and you feel the same way after listening.  It's the most real, insightful interview I've heard from a pro artist.  It addresses all the things I'm currently getting frustrated by at the moment.  I just wanna give my personal shout out to Brad and Dave for putting it together for us all to listen to! <3

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  1. Just listening. I am 37 so i am hoping i am never too old!

  2. Nope, you're never too old, it's never too late unless you give up! :)

  3. Oh man, I'll have to listen to this. Been feeling very discouraged the past few months, so I think I could use the encouragement. Thanks. :)

  4. Cacodaemonia - Oh definitely! I've been feeling like I've been in a slump myself and this has totally pulled me out of it. It's just what I needed to hear. :)