Kenyan War Tribesman WIP

Transferred the sketch to Photoshop, trying to get a closer resemblance to the original photo.  Concentrating on skin tones and accurate anatomy.  Concrit is welcome as always!


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  1. Already looks good! If I would critique at all, I would only mention that the sketch seems to portray his arm as very wide while the origional photo shows a thin but strong arm.

    Nice subject matter!

  2. I'll keep an eye out on that arm and make sure I don't make it too wide. Thanks John!

  3. Hey Char,

    Just a couple of quick anatomical things that stand out...

    The angle of the face seems too straight. In the photo ref the face is definitely pointing downwards. One thing you can use to measure this is the vertical position of the back of the jaw bone. On the photo this is quite high and barely visible (though would be just below the ear.) On yours, this is much lower and contributes to a larger cheek on the right.

    The contour (outside edge) of the top of the head also needs work. It's something I struggle with a lot as well, but I find I get a stronger drawing when I try to get the contour as close as I can before moving on to the inside shapes.

    Lastly, I think the brow and eye levels are too high up on the head, again contributing to the false straight-on perspective.

    Great to see you doing these sorts of photo studies, it's a great way to consolidate everything else you're learning along the way :D

  4. Hey Biggles- thanks so much for the extensive critique! I'll keep all that in mind as I'm working on this piece :)

  5. I love how the original tribesman has that pretty bling watch.

    Have a great day.

  6. I thought that was kind of weird too Alice XD I'm not sure where the closest Rolex salesman is to the tribe, but those guys sure do get around!