Taking a small break due to wrist pain...

Anyone out there know some good exercises for those who illustrate exclusively on the computer? 

I generally will spend 6-10 hours straight on the computer everyday and I just don't know the proper intervals or stretches to do to stay healthy and keep from hurting myself.  I've gone the past 10 years without issue, but it's finally starting to catch up with me....

Any and all advise is appreciated! 

Just FYI to go along with the picture:

I'm on a Macbook laptop with a Bamboo 4x6" tablet.  I sit at my desk that's probably a little too short for me and my computer and tablet sit flat on the table.  I also frequently lay on the floor and draw when my back starts hurting too much from sitting at my desk.  My chair is very plain and wooden, so I lay a blanket over it and that helps a little.  I've been icing my wrist and arm up to my elbow, as well as wrapping my wrist in ace wrap while I draw to try to limit the mobility of my wrist and encourage myself to use my whole arm while I draw (which in turn hurts my arm while I'm learning, but oh well).  I'm going to try to limit my activity to absolutely essential drawing tasks for about a week to see if that helps.

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  1. You have to stretch your arm, and rest up every hour or half hour if your muscles are not strong enough.

    Like this:

    You might wanna try these too:

    And yeah, ice and rest it. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thanks for the tips Charlene! :) The links are really helpful too, since I'm a visual person and they show exactly how to do the stretches. I appreciate the well wishes, I hope resting for about a week helps!

  3. For back pain from sitting at a desk, I got rid of the usual office chair and use an old lazy boy chair. My work is database work, and I use a keyboard.

    It sure lets me work long hours without back pain. I do get up and walk around every hour though, as any position for 8 hours+ is a mistake.

  4. Thanks for commenting Rachel :) I'm afraid my little office isn't big enough to have a lazy boy chair, but I sure wouldn't mind one! I try to adjust where I am working throughout the day, it's not quite the same, but it helps a little.