Beautiful Grim

This piece is for the Beautiful Grim charity auction.  I'm not finished yet, but I hope to finish it up really soon to be able to be a part of the auction.  The idea behind the piece is that a swan has died after being attacked by an animal, allowing the viewer to see the inherent beauty even though the scene is a grim one.  The Beautiful Grim auction is to help support Kat, who is 26 and suffered through breast cancer.  The auction will help to pay her medical costs for treatment.

Thanks to adithx1138, robking21 and cacodaemonia who stayed in the stream to chat with me!  I went over a bit more than usual- 2 hour stream today :)  As usual, I stream every day at 10am EST.


Video WIP

A Song to go with the Image

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  1. This looks fantastic so far! Oh, and you posted the song I sent you. Nice. :D

  2. Yeah! I really liked the song and thought it matched the sombre mood of the piece I was working on really well, especially the beginning of the song. Great find! Thanks for linking it to me :D