Donation=Creation: Areas

The word for the day was "areas"...  Kind of hard to work with.  Maybe because of Easter coming up, I decided to draw a bunny.  About to get abducted by an alien spaceship.  Taken to new areas... Ok, i was reaching here XD  I am trying to use these words as a way of being more creative also.  I'm not the best at coming up with SUPER AWESOME IDEAS.  So I figured the one word technique might help me :)  The idea is still in it's infancy, we'll see!

I recorded 15 mins of it:  I get pretty discouraged to stream when no one is there.  I need to just keep doing the streams every day though, get me used to it and hopefully I won't care so much if anyone is there!  If you wanna keep me company, check out my Ustream at 10am EST and chat! :D

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