Night Elf WIP 2

Video WIP

Anatomy is like wonk-sational today.  I'll be sure to use reference and try to fix that up.  I'm finished with the commission I was working on yesterday, so I have time to work on this one.  

I promise I'll try to stop complaining so much during my vids, but I still think my complaints about Painter are valid and I still think you can't complain about my complaining if you just lurk during the stream ;)  I joke!  The cool kids don't wanna log into Ustream anymore, which is just as well, since I babble to myself enough for an hour anyway.  Haha, I dub my lurkers "Char's lackies" now, so you all have a name.  

I appreciate all who watch, Ustream users and lackies alike! :D

Take care all!

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