ArtOrder Pinup WIP #3

Video WIP

Some general weirdness going on all around...  First my computer decides that it needs me to do a reboot to fix my wonky tablet issues, then Firefox won't open after rebooting, then my computer runs uber slow, then I try to Ustream, THEN got banned from Ustream.


No idea why, no email or anything... yet O_o

So now I'm on a new streaming channel- back to my old Livestream account.  They seemed to have fixed a lot of bugs that prevented me from streaming there for all this time.  Now just have to update my info and the look of the page and I'll be back to normal tomorrow.  I feel bad for the ArtCast network I'm a part of... I ask for changes in my stream way too often it seems- but some of them aren't my fault! I swears it!  XD

Ok, well, rambling post is rambling.  Hope you like today's WIP.

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