ArtOrder Pinup WIP #4

Better luck today with Livestream.  Starting to like it over there, just need to get a bigger monitor.  ;)  Making more progress- only 3 days left to finish!  I am happy with how my beach gryphon is turning out.  Now I just need to ensure my tiefling doesn't fall too far behind in the rendering department.  This piece has been so challenging, yet so fun! 

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  1. Haha, this looks really cute so far! The gryphon really reminds me of my greyhound! Did you use a greyhound or great dane for reference? You might want to suggest a bit more space between the beak and the tiefling's butt, since at first glance, it appears to me as though it's actually chomping her butt, lol! What's up with the baby on the ground? I guess the big gryphon is the mom and she's trying to keep the tiefling away from it?

  2. I did use a greyhound for reference :) I wanted the gryphon to have a distinct, lean feel to it- much like many beach/ shore dwelling creatures do. Long, spindly legs and narrow heads and sleek wings. It didn't look like the gryphon was so close to the tiefling until I added in the tail there. I may have to do some adjusting!

    And you are right! The momma gryphon is protecting her baby from the inquisitive tielfling ;)

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