My A-HA! Moment...

Ever have one of those ideas?  That REALLY good one?  Maybe as you're staring off into the blank space between your face and the monitor or the window?  Or when you're about to lay down for a nap and your brain is buzzing at the speed of light?

I just did.  

I came to the realisation that I keep doing things for other people expecting everyone else to notice- but the big secret is this: The most famous, noteworthy, creative people all came up with their own ideas and then executed them.  Sure, some people have made a living essentially doing "fan art", but in the grand scheme of things, the products, movies, books and art that people recognize and remember the most are ones that the creator came up with themselves. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avatar... Who are the people that come to mind when you hear those titles mentioned?  The fans? Or the person that created it?

Now the hard part is YOU coming up with that unique idea.  You certainly can't force it.  You have to listen reeeeeeally closely.  To yourself.  What is it that sparks you?  That ignites you?  That gets ideas flowing and buzzing around in your head?  It may be looking at other people's works and imagining you being a part of it, but there's got to be more.  That's been me all this time, all the time I've been creating.  Drawing fan art and being in love with everyone else's art and ideas other than my own.  But the people who I admire so greatly, they all have that spark, that ignition from within themselves.  They love what they're doing and they know it.  And it shows.  It's what attracts you and me to their work.  Why we like it.  We see it, that spark of life that doesn't appear in a piece unless the creator somehow puts it there.  A lot of artwork, books and movies are like shells, husks- apeing off of someone else's spark.  But it's a thing that can't be duplicated. 

So what's my spark?

I'm starting a new blog.  It's called All Gryphons Great and Small, A fantastical bestiary of the animal: Gryphon.  It found it- my thing, that spark, that ignition.  I remembered it from way back when I was in high school.  Back when I wanted to be a wildlife artist.  Now I'm going to blend my two passions- wildlife art with fantasy and create my own thing.  I know a mythic bestiary isn't the most original concept, but I'll add my own twist to it.  I feel energized about this.  And the best part is it'll be mine.  I'll own it, it'll be my pet project.  

And I want to share the journey with all of you.  I am so pumped about it, I'm planning on adding my first post this weekend.  I hope to see you there!

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  1. Good luck with it !!! :)
    Someone also recently told me that I was just waiting for clients to come to me, but when they don't or not the kind of clients you want you should create your own projects without clients at all. That way you will even have a chance to earn more because you don't work for a price by hour but price by success. Maybe something for you too to create your own projects and try making money with it?

  2. Thanks Nancy :D What you said is exactly what I was thinking of doing. Hopefully it'll work out!

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