Fantasy Pet Portraits!

Everyone's seen a painting of Fido and Fluffy on the mantel, noble pets portrayed in all their grandeur...

But let's get real!

If you ever wanted a more realistic (and I'm not talking painting style!) portrait of your pet, then maybe what you're after is a fantasy pet portrait!  I take your pet's personality and put it into a portrait worthy of sharing with friends, family and co-workers- sure to bring a smile to anyone's face for a birthday or the holidays!

Maybe you've always pictured your parrot more pterodactyl than bird. Perhaps your feline friend seemed to have the personality of a ferocious dragon than a tame house cat.  And maybe you have 3 dogs who act more like a united goofy Cerberus than their individual counterparts... Either way, I can morph your fuzzy companion into a custom creature that will have you saying, "Yep! That's totally my pet!" 

Prices start at $75!

Please email me at for a quote!  Options include head busts, full body portraits, fantasy pet portraits and pet caricatures.  I really look forward to working with you!

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